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Stone Temple House Sam Po Kong is a petilasan, the former site of the first port of call and landing a Chinese Moslem Admiralnamed Zheng He / Cheng Ho. Located in Simongan area, southwest of the city of Semarang. Signs that indicate the formerpetilasan keislamanan characterized by the discovery of writingreads "Let us a moment of silence to listen to readings of the Qur'an".

The stone building called because its shape is a huge Batu Caves are situated on a rock hill., An Indonesian Chinesedescent consider that the building is a temple - remember thearchitectural shape that resembles a Chinese pagoda. Now theplace is used as a memorial and a place of worship or worshipas well as a place for pilgrimages. For this purpose, in the cavewere placed on an altar stone, and statues of Sam Po Tay Djien.Though admiral cheng ho is a Muslim, but by god they areconsidered. It can dimeklumi remember Confucianism or Tauconsider a person who has died can give help to them. [1]

According to the story, Admiral Zheng He was sailing through thesea of Java there is a sick crew, he ordered the anchor. Then he was close to the northern coast of Semarang and founded amosque on the waterfront which has now been changed into a temple. The building now has been at the center of the city ofSemarang on the northern coast of Java akibatkan alwaysmangalami siltation caused the sediment so that the land wouldgradually growing wider towards the north.
That said, after Zheng He fled the scene because he had to continue his voyage, his crew, many who live in the villageSimongan and mating with the locals. They bersawah andfarming on the ground. Zheng He gave a lesson about plantingand spreading the teachings of Islam.(Toulous Tour)

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